Shingle Street

In his first full-length collection for nearly thirty years, Shingle Street sees a return to the form with which Blake Morrison started his career. Set along the Suffolk coast, the opening poems address a receding world – an eroding landscape, ‘abashed by the ocean’s passion’. But coastal life gives way to other, more dangerous, vistas: a wave unleashes a flood-tide of terror; a sequence of topical poems lays bare the most pressing topics of our times; while elsewhere touching portraits of the past bring forth the long lost and loved.
  • Chatto & Windus, February 2015
  • ISBN 978-0-701-18877-1   BUY ONLINE

The Ballad of Shingle Street and Other East Anglian Poems is a project involving Blake and The Hosepipe Band. Listen to a couple of tracks from a recording of Blake reading poems accompanied by original music composed and played by members of band. The CD recording is available HERE.
Below the tracks is Cara Bruns’ music for The Ballad of Shingle Street with Blake reading extracts from his poem against a backdrop of this strange and wonderful beach on the Suffolk coast.