Shingle Street

In his first full-length collection for nearly thirty years, Shingle Street sees a return to the form with which Blake Morrison started his career. Set along the Suffolk coast, the opening poems address a receding world – an eroding landscape, ‘abashed by the ocean’s passion’. But coastal life gives way to other, more dangerous, vistas: a wave unleashes a flood-tide of terror; a sequence of topical poems lays bare the most pressing topics of our times; while elsewhere touching portraits of the past bring forth the long lost and loved.
  • Chatto & Windus, February 2015
  • ISBN 978-0-701-18877-1   BUY ONLINE

The Ballad of Shingle Street and Other East Anglian Poems is a project involving Blake and The Hosepipe Band.
Listen to a couple of tracks from a forthcoming recording of Blake reading poems accompanied by original music composed and played by members of band.