The First Book of Madrigals

The First Book of Madrigals – Music by Gavin Bryars, for unaccompanied male voices (2000)

Gavin commissioned thirteen poems from Blake to be set to music – they were first sung by the Hilliard Ensemble in Finland in December 2000. Eleven of them subsequently appeared, along with others, in Blake’s sequence ‘Madrigalia’, in the Selected Poems . Two others, Web and Against Dieting have not been collected.

Note on First Book of Madrigals       from Gavin Bryars’ website

The texts are Blake Morrison’s poems.

  • Web
  • Stormy
  • Almond Tree
  • Just As The Ash-Glow`
  • Within Minutes
  • Our Bodies In The Shower
  • She’d Buy Things
  • All The Homely Arts And Crafts
  • In April
  • Who’s The More To Blame
  • The Print Of Soles
  • My Pomegranate
  • Against Dieting